Accelerated Reader

AR is a software program used to encourage reading and measure reading advancement

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program produced by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The AR program provides immediate, individualized feedback on student reading performance. It is designed for Kindergarten students through 12th grade, and all ability levels.

AR is easy to use. Students choose an AR book and read it at their own pace. Then they take a short quiz on the computer. Both the teacher and the student receive immediate feedback to direct ongoing reading practice.

Each Accelerated Reader book is assigned a reading level and a point value. The point value is determined by a number of factors such as difficulty, length, word count, etc.

Most of our library books are AR and many of them have been labeled so that students can easily identify the books and find the reading level. The AR level is also listed in the Mead catalog. Search for a book by its title and the information you find will include the AR level and the number of points related to that book. Or, you can search for a book with a specific AR level by using our Library Catalog.

Students will also find AR books in their classroom collections, home collections, and at a King County Library.

Visit AR BookFinder (the link is also located on the Library home page) to find the AR level of any book-whether it's in the Mead library- or not!

AR BookFinder link